Monday, January 14, 2013

A Special Birthday Cake Edition

A Special Birthday Cake Edition 

Ever since making Lauren’s “21 cake” I have become semi-obsessed with making birthday cakes for my friends with their favorite candies and flavors. I have not posted many of these epic creations because there is so much involved in them that I do not always remember what all I put in them. Nevertheless, I wanted to share some of these cakes because I think what is really most exciting about them is all of the fun components, rather than the recipes themselves. 

The next cake I made after Lauren’s cake was my own birthday cake in July (judge away). This was recently after I came up with my red velvet brownie recipe. I was so in love with the red velvet brownies that I decided I just wanted my cake to be a giant red velvet brownie covered in one layer of milk chocolate fudge and then another layer of white chocolate fudge that was colored pink. As always, no regrets!

Later in July, I celebrated my friend Sarah’s birthday, and along with Lauren and our friend Maggie, made a delicious chocolate chai cake with a Nutella and Kinder icing. Sarah loves chai and everyone loves Nutella, so needless to say, this cake went over great! 

In August, my friend Lindsay turned 22, and Lindsay loves Reeses, so I made a cake inspired by Reeses. I actually do have this recipe saved, and will post it at a later date as it will be an extremely long post on its own! But to give you an idea of what went into this cake, I swirled chocolate cake batter with peanut butter blondie batter and pieces of Reeses peanut butter cups. Then I iced the cake with peanut butter icing. To finish it off, I covered the entire cake in Reeses fudge and topped it all with mini Reeses cups around the edges. I don’t know that I have ever been more proud of anything I’ve made. I’m a peanut butter and chocolate lover, too, so I was a huge fan of this cake!
I reunited with my love of birthday cake making last Friday to make a cake for my friend Kanushri’s 21st birthday. Kanushri loves butter, salt, and spice (and some things nice). So for her, I made a buttery spice cake using pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, masala tea spice, and chai concentrate powder. Then, I made a salted toffee icing using melted toffee candies. I covered her cake in white chocolate fudge, because it’s really hard for me to make a cake look pretty after just icing it, but things tend to look a little better after I cover my messy icing jobs in fudge. And anyways, who doesn’t love fudge? I figure it’s a welcome bonus. To finish this cake off, I topped it with heath bar pieces!

I have many more friends with birthdays coming up soon, so look out for some more cake posts. Hey, I may even remember to write down how I make them!

Spread love through cake, and when in doubt, bake!

<3 Dena

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